Are you a parent of a struggling reader and don’t know how to help your child read? Do you or your child’s teacher suspect dyslexia but are not sure? Or do you have a diagnosis confirming your child has dyslexia but you’re not sure what to do or where to start? We provide consulting services for families who want to better understand their child’s reading struggles. Our consultants are not only experts in dyslexia remediation but are also trained to read and analyze psychoeducational evaluations and can help you better understand dyslexia, answer your reading questions, or better help you understand your child’s psychoeducational evaluation.

Consultations will be scheduled with The Schenck School’s Director of Admissions, Peggy Webb Hendrix. She has enjoyed a long career in education, from her experience in higher education administration at The University of Michigan and Emory University to her current tenure as Director of Admissions at The Schenck School. Peggy holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Michigan, as well as membership in the Orton Gillingham Academy at the associate level. Professional memberships include the American Psychological Association and the International Dyslexia Association.

Prior to her admissions role, Peggy taught grades two through six at The Schenck School. Peggy is the proud mother of a dyslexic son, and she has written countless articles designed to help parents of dyslexics understand and navigate the educational journeys of their children. She is now in her twentieth year at The Schenck School, a school that works to remediate dyslexia for children in grades Kindergarten through grade 6.

Session Descriptions and Pricing


Our 30-minute consultations are designed to help parents better understand their children’s reading struggles.

This consultation is a good place for parents to start if:

  • they are beginning the journey to discover what is interfering with their child’s learning
  • they suspect their child may be dyslexic
  • they want to better understand what dyslexia is
  • they have had an initial conversation and have additional questions about their child's reading issues

Cost: $95

Extended Consultation

An extended consultation is recommended for the parents of children who have already received a formal dyslexia diagnosis through the completion of a psychoeducational evaluation, and who want to better understand that evaluation, as well as the next steps to take for their child’s academic future.

The fee includes a formal analysis of the complete psychoeducational evaluation. Evaluations must be submitted electronically at least one week in advance of the consultation.

Cost: $250


Please know we are not here to make a diagnosis or to evaluate your child for dyslexia as we are not psychologists or medical doctors. Attending any of these consultations does not guarantee your child to be admitted to The Schenck School or any private school. We will be unable to make recommendations about your child to any other private or public school across the country.

Please contact our Registrar, Rosanna Dennis, at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about scheduling your consultation.

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