The Dyslexia Resource provides workshops and certified coursework on the following topics. These can also be customized for larger groups and professional development.


A History Of The Language: Examine the rich layers of English and its lasting impact on its pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling. This workshop will shed light on why English isn’t a crazy language, just a complex one.

Morphology: Explore Anglo-Saxon affixes and basic Latin roots and affixes. This workshop will provide tools and instructional procedures for teaching morphology to students in lower and upper elementary grades.

Grammar And Diagramming: Through an explanation of concepts and effective teaching methods, this workshop will connect grammar with writing in fun, multi-sensory ways.

Vocabulary: Engage with words on various levels to build a stronger understanding of words and their meaning. This workshop will provide methods to enrich vocabulary classes and engage students to think critically about word meanings.

Comprehension: Demonstrating strong comprehension requires skills along the language continuum to construct and compose meaning. This workshop will break down these skills and examine the areas where dyslexic readers may struggle including skills such as main idea, drawing conclusions and making inferences.

Handwriting: Handwriting is a lost art. This workshop will explore the history of writing, discuss the research behind the importance of explicit practice, and provide activities and strategies to learn those letters.

Orton-Gillingham in Preschools: Children need to play and experiment with oral language as well as have opportunities to make connections between visual and non-visual stimulus before formal reading instruction begins. This workshop will focus on the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities pre-school children should be doing as well as what it means when they aren’t successful in the pre-reading stage.


Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for our workshops but having coursework at the Classroom Educator Level or Associate Level is highly preferred.
Course availability: Offered throughout the school year and in the summers. Days and times vary.


*This course can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Please contact Brooke Kamke at [email protected].

Upcoming Courses

Lesson Planning & Implementation
January 20 – March 17, 2021
Time: Wednesdays, 2:30 – 4:00PM EST
Format: Delivered Virtually
Instructor: Josie Calamari
Cost: $400


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