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The Dyslexia Resource serves the dyslexic community through the guidance and expertise of our highly trained administration team. This group of professionals includes educators, researchers, and operations managers who are passionate about supporting members of the dyslexic community at every stage of their education and beyond. With backgrounds serving dyslexic students in and out of the classroom, our administration team ensures The Dyslexia Resource remains focused on supporting struggling readers in everything we do.

Remediation Specialists

The Dyslexia Resource is taking part in an unprecedented opportunity to change the academic trajectory for students in two underperforming schools in Atlanta. Our team of remediation specialists is helping to expand our reading remediation program at Thomasville Heights and Slater Elementary Schools, two Purpose Built Schools situated in lower-income neighborhoods. Our reading remediation is a tutorial program built on the principles of the Orton-Gillingham approach and grounded in evidence-based instructional practices for teaching reading.


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